Reconnaissance and Footprinting

Reconnaissance and Footprinting   Reconnaissance and footprinting is the primary phase of the ethical hacking process. Although this phase does not constitute breaking into a network or system, it is still fun and quite possibly the most important. I will discuss some of the tools and techniques I use for actively and passively footprinting a target during the reconnaissance phase of a penetration test. Of course, this will be very top level and not inclusive of all the techniques used to recon and footprint a target.

Hacking and Penetration Testing

Hacking and Penetration Testing Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) It is time to get back to the basics of hacking. It’s tough to be a in a security position and admit that you don’t know EVERYTHING about security and penetration testing. The sooner this notion is accepted, the sooner new concepts can be learned, and old concepts can be further stored into long-term memory. Most of what will be described in this post is simply review since technically this should already be known prior to starting a CEH training program, but I know I can gain a better understanding and strengthen core concepts by touching on a few important topics.

Paving the road to certifiably hacking “ethically”

Becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker Lately I have been having thoughts of studying for my first infosec industry certification. Being that it is now July 2015 and we are in the middle of the security “conference season”, I find that I am missing a few acronyms on my business card when I attempt to network with others in the field. With so many people I meet possessing recognizable and respected certifications such as CISSP, Security+, CASP, or CEH… it is tough to stand out on paper among the hordes of “industry certified” security professionals.

Cryptoviral Extortion: Malicious Encryption Exploited for Monetary Gain

“Cryptography is like literacy in the Dark Ages. Infinitely potent, for good and ill… yet basically an intellectual construct, an idea, which by its nature will resist efforts to restrict it to bureaucrats and others who deem only themselves worthy of such Privilege.” — “A Thinking Man’s Creed for Crypto”, Vin McLellan Cryptoviral Extortion: Malicious Encryption Exploited for Monetary Gain There is a certain level of sophistication and status surrounding the cryptography field.

How to display formatted PowerShell scripts in WordPress post

Posting source code has never been easier in WordPress! I have spent the better portion of this past week writing specialized scripts to transform my existing scripts into “formatted HTML” so I can include source in my blog posts. Needless to say, it has been WAY too much administrative effort for such a simple task. I was literally searching and finding every space in my scripts and replacing them with &nbsp, or having to search my code and enclose every special character with an HTML FONT tag… This of course before having to manually set different colors for all my variables, strings, cmdlets, attributes.