Reconnaissance and Footprinting

Reconnaissance and Footprinting   Reconnaissance and footprinting is the primary¬†phase of the ethical hacking process. Although this phase does not constitute breaking into a network or system, it is still fun and quite possibly the most important. I will discuss some of the tools and techniques I use¬†for actively and passively footprinting a target during the reconnaissance phase of a penetration test. Of course, this will be very top level and not inclusive of all the techniques used to recon and footprint a target.

Hacking WPA / WPA2 Encrypted Networks

Before we begin The methods and tools used in this WPA / WPA2 hacking tutorial can be utilized without any previous knowledge, however it is best for the attacker to have an understanding of what is going on behind the scenes. My job with this tutorial is to break down each step of the attack process and explain it in a simplified manner. Assuming that the reader of this guide has no previous knowledge with hacking, Linux, or Network Security, I will take it slow (one step at a time).