Controlling/Monitoring Local Admin Rights using PowerShell

Almost a month has gone by since my last post so I am long overdue to place some good content. I feel this script I wrote up should be sufficient 🙂 Enjoy! SANS Critical Control 12: Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges VIDEO DEMONSTRATION EXPLAINING EXAMPLES TO COME SOON Download the SourceCode MD5 – 2AF4224E79672658DCC05AF90A4D0FC8 Recently joined up as a new developer for a great project in my area called PoshSec (https://github.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): A Powerful Trend Forcing Companies to Reinvent the ‘Corporate Security Model’

Abstract: Companies no longer need to focus on letting their IT departments drive the technology of the business. Employees demand the most out of their equipment, and need access to corporate networks and applications from anywhere, on any device. With the proper implementation, BYOD can not only reduce cost and generate revenue, but can create a more productive and fulfilled workforce. Click here: to view my original essay in PDF format.