GrrCon 2016 OSINT CTF

Aside from the great speakers and free beer, one of my favorite things about GrrCon is that everything is so hands-on and interactive for all types of skill levels. I got to pick various locks, try and pwn some IoT light bulbs, and even compete in CG Silvers Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) capture the flag competition our team “ramrod” took 1st place!!! The Contest 2 real human targets. No paid search services can be used.

2014 SANS Holiday Hacking Carol

2014 SANS Holiday Hacking Carol Challenge Every year, the SANS institute hosts a holiday hacking challenge open to any and all that want to participate. This year I decided to hop on board after @n3tl0kr from our #MISEC crew sent out the following tweet: So I decided that with my time off work, and no classes to keep me occupied I should try and keep my skills sharp and see how far I could get.