Powershell Simple Substitution Cipher

Powershell Simple Substitution Cipher Another assignment from my Cryptography course in my undergrad was to develop our own Powershell simple substitution cipher programmatically. This code is merely a framework to provide any type of substitution key you want. I wanted to do a custom cipher to allow a bit more security (though any security expert knows that substitution ciphers are highly crackable)… though, it is still better then clear-text at least…

Factoring Prime numbers with Java

Factoring Prime numbers with Java This was an assignment from a cryptography class during my undergrad. This mainly assisted in decrypting a low-bit RSA algorithm but can be used for any purpose. Essentially it will loop through and perform some mod calculations to figure out the prime factors in the specified range. The three algoritems are used to show that even if a number doesn’t seem to be prime at first, it could be a prime number used in an encryption algorithm.